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GOLDMINE has designed the courses exclusively to meet the industry standards. It places its students top notch in the job market.

The courses include extensive coaching on all topics, periodic and regular evaluation and hands-on training. GOLDMINE gives Corporate Training at the client's premises itself.










Goldmine offers two major Courses, e-design and e-develop.

Module 1 : Windows, Fundamentals of Graphics & Animation Concept, Overview of Multimedia, HTML / DHTML, Front Page
Module 2 : Photoshop, Flash, Dream Weaver, Director, GIF Animator, ASP
Module 3 : Real Time Project

Module 1 : Fundamentals of Networking, OOPs Concept, HTML/DHTML/ Javascript, Flash
Module 2 : Java, J2EE, VB, SQL Server, ASP, XML, Overview of EJB, JSP
Module 3 : Real Time Project

Each student has own choice of the Courses. Keep it in view, individual Modules and individual Courses like C, C++, VC++, Unix, Linux, VB, SQL Server, ASP, PHP, XML, Flash, Photoshop, Dream Weaver, are designed to suit the students' requirements. The Courses cover School and College syllabus also.

Full-fledged practical with hands-on-training
Individual attention











Hardware Top

Goldmine has two different Courses to suit the studentsí requirements.

Basic Hardware Course - covers all components and peripherals extensively.
Advanced Hardware Course - Networking Essentials plus the Basic Hardware Course.
Troubleshooting and On-the-job training / Field Training are included in all courses. Since it is an industry-based training it equips the students with the practical knowledge in these fields.











Different Network Operating Systems in the following areas are :

1) Windows NT - Server and Workstation
2) Windows 2000 - Server, Adv Server, Professional
3) Linux
4) Novell Netware

Selecting an Operating System, Architecture, Installation, Configuration, Setting-up Security, Users Group, Policies, Rights, Privileges, Connecting to the Internet are covered in this Course.









Management and Soft Skills Top

Soft Skills Enhancement Program - by See Change Consulting, Chennai.

"See Change Consulting" has been touching the lives of many people in a positive way and Mr. S. Prakash, CEO & Co-Founder has been a pioneer in changing and moulding the lives of thousands of people who have benefited immensely through his training programs and methodologies. Mr. S. Prakash is an Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Trainer and also an Author. 

He has trained many Organisations including the likes of Intel Asia, ICICI Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Wipro Infotech , WS Group, TI Group, Crompton Greaves Group, Tata Group, Reliance Dealers and many more organisations. His sessions are completely based on the "Experiential Learning" model. The focus is on "what the participant takes home" after the session and not just on how the presentation of the content is made. He does complete interactive sessions and keeps adapting the content to suit Participant's needs. His sessions are real "Live Wire" and are spliced with "Apt Humor" and "Creative Games" to ensure better learning and retention. The net result goes beyond an immediate increase in Productivity after the sessions are over. The participants remember and practise the learnings till such time it becomes an integral part of their system.

Sample Program List :
1. Personal Effectiveness Program for Executives
2. Communication & Assertive Behaviour
3. Managerial Effectiveness Program for Managers / Sr. Managers
4. Planning and Process Management
5. Goal Setting
6. Team Building
7. Leadership Skills
8. Presentation Skills
9. Conflict Resolution
10. Non-Verbal Communication Skills
11. Effective Time Management
12. Inter Personal Effectiveness & Influencing Skills
13. Basics of Selling Skills
14. Advanced Selling Skills
15. Basics of Negotiating Skills
16. Advanced Negotiating Skills
17. Stress Management
18. Life Management (through Balanced Approach)
19. CEO / Director(s) Counselling

See Change Consulting does a whole lot more in "Consulting & Mind Space" area. See Change Consulting handle Soft Skills related to Internet Technology, Software Technologies, Finance, Administration, HR, Import / Export & Customs and many more. Many of these activities are carried out by theirs Empaneled Leading Consultants who enjoy a great recognition in their respective industries.

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