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In the today's world, communication has become most important. Obviously Internet will be more useful for this kind of communication, sharing, controlling and monitoring of internet is nowadays become complex, which has been effectively done by us thro our partner Maptech with their products

Maptech is a Chennai based company mainly focussing on Internet and Intranet based solutions. It's a group company of PPPInfotech, who are the developer of popular internet proxy software PPPshar, sold in 80 countries across the globe. All their products are developed in Java, that is why, products are very light in weight and yet effective, these products can be run in any computer system ie even in Pentium I that too as non-dedicated, windows operating system - 95, 98, ..., media - Dialup, ISDN, DSL,..., browser - Internet Explorer, Opera,..., mail clients - Outlook Express, Eudora, Pegasus. Products are reviewed by many renowned magazines, CNN, and others.

PPP Shar - Internet sharing cum Firewall Tool (Proxy)

PPPshar - Accelerator - Internet Sharer cum Booster

Internet Cop - Internet sharing, controlling and monitoring


Radmin - Can access the System remotely

AND Connectandshar, Answering, eTicket, Goodelete and others.

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