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GOLDMINE is a professionally managed company, stands on the foundation of over 13 years of success in Information Technology. The strength of GOLDMINE is "The Best Service at The Right Time". GOLDMINE has earned a mark for superior quality and its core competencies are Training, DTP & Prepress, Software Development. GOLDMINE never compromises on Quality. GOLDMINE's client catalogue has a number of reputed corporates and institutions.

Goldmine has collaboration with several renowned IT Corporates,

Mission : Top

GOLDMINE's mission as a Business and Technology Solutions provider is simply to deliver business and technology solutions that result in a quantifiable business results for its clients. GOLDMINE is a Project and Product Delivery Company, where the focus is on Quality and Delivering Solutions at right time at an affordable cost to its clients.














Vision : Top

GOLDMINE's vision is always want to be a number one in its roll of business in IT and ITES industry by providing Quality Services and Products.










Strength :


A small but highly trained team that too in-house teams proficient in all aspects of technology is the strength of GOLDMINE, who understand client requirements effectively to do the projects and deliver speedy and timely solutions to its clients. Professionals excel in their chosen area of expertise. All professionals in the GOLDMINE adhere to strict quality, which is reflected in measures instituted within the organization. GOLDMINE's skilled professional team with expertise in various technology areas ranging from legacy systems, client server to web based technologies.










Why Goldmine : Top

GOLDMINE's services are based on "Satisfaction thro' Quality". GOLDMINE understands the customer's need and works to ensure that a service is deployed with the right products, and implemented with best practices, ensuring that GOLDMINE meets required service levels and provide headroom for future growth.

GOLDMINE provides business and technology solutions through IT services to its clients and helps in formulating and implementing business transformations. As a client oriented company, GOLDMINE always works and ensures optimal solutions in the shortest possible time.

GOLDMINE strongly believe, right from its inception, that the Quality alone will withstand for ever; apart from the following








Client List : Top

GOLDMINE's association with its clients is a long term in nature. Most clients will unhesitatingly offer references. Certainly clients will come back for future projects as well. Most importantly, all clients are personally serviced by either of the two main promoters.

We have a diversed group of clientele who have either availed of GOLDMINE services/support or have used GOLDMINE products.

Goldmine's Products : Top








Career : Top

Result-oriented candidates are always expected by GOLDMINE for its diversified operations. Apart from GOLDMINE's requirements, many of its clients require professionals in various domain areas.

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Interested, send your resume to info@goldmineinfotechs.com